Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads

A map with information on mountain road conditions is published during the first weeks of summer. The mountain roads open in very different times according to location, and very different time each year. There can be a difference of more than one whole month depending on the weather and how rapidly snow disappears and more importantly how quickly the roads dry and can be therefore be driven on without being damaged by traffic. 

For the current road conditions of mountain roads, see below:
Condition of mountain tracks (gif) Condition of mountain tracks (pdf)

Those who intend to travel in the areas which are shaded on the map, please contact the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration tel. +354-522-1100 (during office hours) for the newest information.

Forsíða bæklingsOpening of mountain roads in Iceland.

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration publishes every year a brochure for foreign travellers, called "Mountain roads" (2023).  This brochure contains information on approximate opening dates of mountain roads in Iceland.