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Information on road condition and the weather is updated frequently on the webpage during the day, especially during winter.

Further information on road conditions is available via tel. 1777 (if problems use tel. +354 522 1100), which is open 8-16 in summer and 6:30-22 in winter.

The number in Iceland to call for in case of an emergency is 112.


Herjólfur kemur til Eyja.

25.6.2019 : Herjólfur IV arrives in Vestmannaeyjar

The new Vestmannaeyjar car ferry Herjólfur IV was greeted with great joy by inhabitants and guests at a welcoming event at Vestmannaeyjar harbour on the 15th of June. The event was held in celebration of the arrival and naming of the Herjólfur car ferry.

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Hálendiskort Vegagerðarinnar.

8.5.2019 : Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads

A map with information on mountain road conditions

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Kailum Graves is an australian artist.

29.4.2019 : Icelandic roads turned into art

The Australian artist Kailum Graves collected photos of Icelandic roads from the vast network of webcams.

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