TomTom starts using IRCA's DATEXII information - 15.12.2021

Kort með TomTom upplýsingum

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) is glad to announce that TomTom, a key service provider for traffic information has started utilizing the newly published DATEXII feed from IRCA.

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DATEXII taken in use in Iceland - 14.4.2021

Hringtorg á Ísafirði á mótum Pollgötu, Hafnarstrætis og Skulsfjarðarbrautar.

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) has as of March 2021 started to broadcast road condition, weather data and situations in accordance with the EU's DATEXII standard version 3.0 defined in the multi-part CEN standard 16157. DATEXII is an European standard that many European countries use to broadcast their traffic information data.

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Relocation of the Ring Road in Mýrdalur - 10.2.2021

Figure 2 – Options of road alignments in the draft of assessment plan

The history of this project is long and has been going on for some decades, but in 2013 the master plan of the municipality Mýrdalshreppur was approved with a new Ring Road through Mýrdalur, south of Geitafjall, above Dyrhólaós and through a road tunnel in the south of Reynisfjall.

The government has provided funding for the preparation of the project from 2020-2024, but the project itself has not been financed.

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How to make autonomous vehicles coexist with other traffic - 18.9.2019

Nordic web page

"The road infrastructure must be prepared for self-driving vehicles – especially in the beginning when the concepts are still new. Researchers are contributing to this through CoEXist, an EU-funded research project in which VTI participates as the largest partner." So it says on the Nordic web page which publishes articles about research projects in the Nordic countries. 

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